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Justin Krause

Justin Krause is a well-rounded, talented and hardworking man. He found his knack working in EMS when he was just a teenager volunteering for the Holtsville Fire Department as an EMT/firefighter. Since, he has excelled in the EMS field averaging 80 hours a week in his career between his two full time jobs at Stony Brook University Hospital and Port Jefferson EMS, and working with Suffolk County Aviation as a flight paramedic. He works full time as a Paramedic and Deputy Director of Operations for Port Jefferson EMS carrying out everyday paramedic duties as well as administrative duties throughout his work days. He started working at PJEMS in October of 2007 as an EMT.

In 2010 Justin obtained his Paramedic certification from St. Johns University and was quickly upgraded at PJEMS. Shortly after Justin received a promotion to Deputy Director of Operations. Some of his responsibilities include Controlled Substance Agent, interfacility QA/QI, uniform quartermaster and CPR instructor.

Justin is always striving to take the next step in all aspects of his life and his career. Currently Justin is working towards completing all of the requirements to become a New York State Certified Instructor Coordinator in which he will continue to expand his career in emergency medical services as well as the medical field as a whole.

Justin currently resides in Holbrook where he bought a house this past October. He lives with his fiancé Jill, whom he is set to marry next May, and black lab Harley. Aside from his fast paced life in EMS, Justin is a very laid-back person. Justin loves the outdoors, the beach, camping and also has a passion for sports. In his spare time when he isn’t building something in the garage, spending time with his fiancé or putting something new together at home, he likes to play ice hockey or take a few hours to relax on the golf course. While working the amount that he does, he still manages to spend time with and take care of his fiancé, friends and family.