Thomas Hanophy

Thomas Hanophy is the current President of Port Jefferson EMS and as he affectionately calls himself, “I’m the most “senior” of the Senior Paramedics.” Tom has been a volunteer at PJEMS for 13 years, serving as a Chief/Administrator for 8 of those years. During his time at Port Jefferson EMS he has participated in a number of educational trainings to broaden our scope of capabilities. Tom is one of the Paramedics that has trained to become a Rope Technician, Confined Space Technician, Structural Collapse Operator, and other Technical Rescue Disciplines to be able to care for patients in unusual settings awaiting rescue.

Thomas is currently a career Critical Care/Flight/911 Paramedic with Stony Brook University Hospital EMS. His duties include critical care inter-facility transports, Suffolk County Police Aviation Med Evac services, 911 scene responses and Suffolk County Medical Control. Thomas also works part time at Setauket Fire District as a responder and ambulance medic.

Tom has a vision for Port Jefferson EMS to continually expand its knowledge base. “We are trying to broaden the scope of everyone’s capabilities from our EMT basics to our most Senior Paramedics.”

Tom resides in Coram with his wife, where they dedicate many hours to rescuing and caring for Greyhound dogs.